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Looking to create the next best innovative beverages? Tired of the usual style from flavour suppliers lacking in creativity? Concerned about your flavour concentrate supplier's compliance with EU TPD regulations? Unsure why your mixologist isn't able to craft better drink experiences? We are here to help! Come and talk to the industry experts, and we guarantee your time will be well spent.

At Ricca Peacock Asia Sdn Bhd, with our renowned Reka® Flavour brand, we are a direct factory manufacturer specializing in the production of beverage flavour concentrates in bulk quantity for your needs.

You can trust our in-house Europe-trained professionals who are adept at creating flavours from carefully selected aromatic hydrocarbons ingredients to tailor your sensory experience. Whether you are in search of single-note or multi-layered flavour concentrates, we are a flavour creation house that can fulfil your desires and make them real.

Simply put, if we do not have it yet, we have the capacity to create or modify flavours based on your unique requests. So, why wait? Contact us now.

We are Aromatic Concentrates Manufacturer

Reka Flavour specializes in creating high-quality, diverse aromatic concentrates designed for a wide range of uses.

Your Taste Adventure Awaits - Begin Now!

Browse our array of flavours and add your favourites to the cart for free! We'll connect with you, discuss your preferences, and send a custom sample your way. Your journey to unique tastes begins here

We are Flavour Specialist

We are industry leader in the research, development, and production of unique and customized flavour profiles for a variety of applications.

Essence Creators

We are manufacturing premium essences that enhance the sensory experience of various consumer products.